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Take a peek... Take a listen... Smell the reek.. Another fool who pays attention... ****And important I do mind if you are using my work without my permission... So don't do it or you will be facing some serious charges...




Well... After pretty much displaying no ambition in keeping my deviantArt updated: I am deciding on a whim to start doing that again... Only I am just going to be doing more fanArt-esque base work more so than my previous aims of surrealism because I have a more solid foundation there now. At any rate, uhh hi guys did you miss me? No? Well okay... :orange:
Caked from the Cosmic Morsel Drenched in the Spacial, Black Salivary Essence of Stuff
This is what the attire of my feet sought and found:

The adhesive pink and mint green remains of fellow mastication
The dominance of strong odoriferous miasma encased in fecal casings
The circular copper disk with a historical reference of the Man who brought forth Emancipated
The prickly, crisped barbs laced with the fusillade from the pines
And the corpse of the spider that alerted my Visual Sensations earlier that day.

Discarded them for the Purification Ritual of Cleanliness into a fine puddle of a clear aqueous substance...
The substance stated it's divine presence with an intense introductory nomenclature..
"I, son, am Water"

To my disappointment though... This substance didn't dispose of the clutter clumped underneath my sole.
  • Listening to: Grayest Collaborations of Ausrweith
  • Reading: The Noble Tip Service for the Sake of Waiters
  • Watching: A Sponge Wheel Barrow Falling Lightly to the Sky
  • Playing: This... And W'za!!!
  • Eating: Dried Crisp Skin Engulfing My Lips
  • Drinking: Popular Sovereignty in a Canteen


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Blade Marshall
Artist | Professional | Other
United States
I love the world I don't live in... The world where the "rules" here don't apply... I like to scatter things... Collect things... Let those things become me... Then I give them to everybody... And years later I will claim that those objects are stolen from me!!! And then my mind settles down...
I will have you know that I am a very fun individual. I love to go around dressing "abnormally" (My self-proclaimed psychiatrist[s] tell me that any how) and dancing without cares. I love contortionism, and I know I am the best contortionist (saying that out of reluctant modesty). I am agnostic, but I am studying a little bit about Christianity and Buddhism. I am unorganized, but I don't care that is how I live. I have been recently experiencing depression, and believe it or not, it helps me in my creative aspect of life: where I am able to draw anything without cares. I don't share my depression with other individuals (of course, who does?), and I don't plan on having it treated for the sake of a vast insight of another world.
It is always hard for me to communicate with others in person because of my eccentric and contrived approach in handling things. Art, however, makes me at home because I can actually talk!
My methods of approaching inspiration in art I think are interesting: I play with string and make droning electric-like noise with my mouth which in return helps me generate images from my subconscious mind.
Salvador Dali is my most favorite visual artist, but I plan on being better than him.
I also created a new art style called Bladism because I am a mirror image lover, I emphasize all emotions, and I love everyone's mind! And also I usually do all my digital art from scratch very seldomly do I use other sources to make my work.
And I once thought this was a dating site! Any questions about moi?

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Cloudwhisperer67 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
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your art is fing out standing <3
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You have my awkwardly contrived thankfulness at your disposal.

 I nod with modest approval that my approach was somewhat above the standard of decency. Then I go to sleep dreaming my art was just a pinch different then what it initially was... And I awake without a sudden trace of action... Noticing the flaws of my own work.

But, then there is this compliment.. And myself... And a mirror... And a stone. I don't know what to do with more than half of it. The mirror and the stone is obvious... I will just have to broom up the silvery shards later. But, do I throw myself at the compliment or do I let the compliment be thrown at me?
bignightmareendz666 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
O.o ??? Hmmm
Egitet Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Professional Artist
Bearing thundering witness of a turmoil that eviscerates and discombobulates  minds have we? Don't worry your not alone for the lack of understanding of those who get entangled into the Tendrils of Spiraling Vernacular and Esoteric Metaphors. Lest it be a forgiving trial of an astute bombardment of verbal tripping hazards. Tread lightly now eyes have feet too.

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Hello there! Hug Just stopping by :) (Smile)
I'm going around checking all of my watchers' pages and seeing what kind of art they have. So if you get a few favorites and a watch, it's just a way for me to give back to you for being a watcher of mine! Heart

Have a nice day~!
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