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Take a peek... Take a listen... Smell the reek.. Another fool who pays attention... ****And important I do mind if you are using my work without my permission... So don't do it or you will be facing some serious charges...



You speak yourself in Misguided Authority

Letting your "professional" attire be the caveat of your blind concern

Fault tongues and eyes merge into one Molding Viscosity

For Mounds of the Destined-to-be Sloanly, you can not discern

Outraging Conformity! Suits with Zipped Teeth, Ties as Twisted Tongues

Left with an Unfurdled Mind left to be Sprung

Insecure/ In with it you, yet you do not See the Cure?

Out of the Anglers dangling the sewn lure for those deemed as the Sheepishly Refined Pure?

Repressed Individual Possessions

Coaxing for the Mere Fruits of Humanly stitched Concessions

Beacons of Salty Drenched Blazers

Let us be more than the Depressed by Reality Stargazers

Glorify the dreams!
  • Mood: Anger
  • Listening to: The vehicular coasting of the nearest highway
  • Reading: Repetition of Pelting Onamonapoeic Sounds
  • Watching: The Lamp and the Light Inducing Black Square
  • Playing: Fetch with Beastly Letters
  • Eating: Viral Pain and Anguish Scorching the Uvula
  • Drinking: Indecisive Mucus Clinging to my Throat


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Blade Marshall
Artist | Professional | Other
United States
I love the world I don't live in... The world where the "rules" here don't apply... I like to scatter things... Collect things... Let those things become me... Then I give them to everybody... And years later I will claim that those objects are stolen from me!!! And then my mind settles down...
I will have you know that I am a very fun individual. I love to go around dressing "abnormally" (My self-proclaimed psychiatrist[s] tell me that any how) and dancing without cares. I love contortionism, and I know I am the best contortionist (saying that out of reluctant modesty). I am agnostic, but I am studying a little bit about Christianity and Buddhism. I am unorganized, but I don't care that is how I live. I have been recently experiencing depression, and believe it or not, it helps me in my creative aspect of life: where I am able to draw anything without cares. I don't share my depression with other individuals (of course, who does?), and I don't plan on having it treated for the sake of a vast insight of another world.
It is always hard for me to communicate with others in person because of my eccentric and contrived approach in handling things. Art, however, makes me at home because I can actually talk!
My methods of approaching inspiration in art I think are interesting: I play with string and make droning electric-like noise with my mouth which in return helps me generate images from my subconscious mind.
Salvador Dali is my most favorite visual artist, but I plan on being better than him.
I also created a new art style called Bladism because I am a mirror image lover, I emphasize all emotions, and I love everyone's mind! And also I usually do all my digital art from scratch very seldomly do I use other sources to make my work.
And I once thought this was a dating site! Any questions about moi?

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I'm going around checking all of my watchers' pages and seeing what kind of art they have. So if you get a few favorites and a watch, it's just a way for me to give back to you for being a watcher of mine! Heart

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Thank you very much for the offer... My heart wanes at the thought and slowly turns into sand...
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